How it Works?

In simple terms eZee Foodie is an online food ordering system. It has been created specifically for restaurants, cash and carry outlets, and fast food joints that have a website but are not reaping full benefits from it due to lack of a proper online food ordering system. eZee Foodie makes food ordering fast and easy for restaurants.

The eZee Foodie System

eZee Foodie is a very simple and easy to understand system. If you have an existing website, we will integrate this system into the website remotely and without any fuss. Soon as it is integrated, you will be ready to accept food delivery orders via your website. The entire integration process is automated from our end and once completed, you will not be able to distinguish between your website and the eZee Foodie online order page.

Once the system is online on your website, you can leave everything to eZee Foodie – all you will have to do is accept the orders, prepare the food accordingly, and deliver it.

eZee Foodie has two main sections – the customer or end-user interface, and the Admin Panel. Customers visit your website and check out the live menu for your restaurant on their computers. They select and place order for food as per their preference and make payment towards the same. Once the order is placed, it is directly delivered to your kitchen’s computer and printed out for processing. Your chef’s prepare the ordered food and hand it over to your delivery guys (or keep it ready for pick up by customers if they so prefer).

As restaurant owner, you can track each and every order and handle the payment processing and delivery coordination part through the Admin Panel available to you. The Admin Panel also allows you to control and modify the online menu available to your customers in real time and also track your kitchen inventory without moving from your seat.

It’s simple; it’s easy; it’s quick and best of all, it’s all automated and online.

Contact the eZee Foodie team today for your live demo and to have eZee Foodie integrated into your website today!