About Us

Welcome to eZee Foodie!eZee Foodie comes to you from the stable of eZee Technosys, pioneers in the hospitality IT solutions domain. eZee Technosys is a very young company that has already made its mark in the hospitality industry through our flagship product - eZee FrontDesk. This industry leading property management suite has won more than a thousand satisfied and faithful customers worldwide in a short span of time.

Our latest offering is eZee Foodie, an online food ordering system that harnesses the power of the internet for your restaurant and food joint. eZee Foodie brings to you a world of simplicity in online food ordering. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a customer interested in placing a home or office delivery order, eZee Foodie will make life easier for you.

This innovative, unique, and easy to use online food ordering system ensures there are no more misplaced food orders, no more delays, and definitely no cancellations or losses. With eZee Foodie, all you get is peace of mind. eZee Foodie integrates easily and quickly into your existing restaurant website to instantly enable your establishment to start receiving food orders from the internet.

eZee Foodie works with almost any type of food establishment, whether it is a full-fledged restaurant, a cash and carry deli, a street-side café, or a fast food joint. The simplicity with which eZee Foodie has been designed will attract increasing number of customers to your restaurant's website and turn them into regulars once they place an order.

Using a unique order tracking system, eZee Foodie allows you and your customers to track past orders and also create favourites' lists for quick ordering. Secure and fast payment processing, and effortless integration with your existing POS software or eZee BurrP! are hallmarks of this state-of-the-art food ordering solution.

With eZee Foodie on your side and installed on your restaurant website, you will never miss another customer order again. You can be assured not just of increased sales, but also faster times to delivery and easier to track orders and payments.